SEST Series News: Final race #10 for 2013 Friday Sept 20th at the fabulous Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamson, SC.

SEST Series News: The final race/#10 for 2013 will occur on Friday Sept 20th at the fabulous Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamson, SC. The Southeast Super Trucks Series will crown the 2013 season Champion, but who?

Bad Cat Kenneth Headen and Team #33 of Brookshire Motorsports could finish 9th or better to capture the championship according to the SEST Admin. However, the Bad Dog Kevin Leicht will come off the porch biting his way to the front. He could win the race and headen finish 11th or futher back in the field and Leicht might get the championship. If Headen finishes 10th and Leicht wins, it just may be a tie in points, Headen having four wins and Leicht two wins for 2013 would mean a tie in points, and Headen would win the championship with most wins. It is going to be a madhouse!

3rd place in the points is held by Ed Surrett with 225, 4th place by Mart Nesbitt with 228, and 5th by Tim Lollis with 227. These teams have been consistent all year and anyone of them can finish 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  Now this is going to be interesting to say the least.

Speaking of another battle. The SEST Series Rookie of the year is going to come down to the wire with three teams also. Scottie Thomas (6th) with 190 points, Greg Bohanon Jr. (7th) with 189 points, and a past SC dirt track champion star Terry Ray Seay (8th) with 188 points.  These three have raced their hearts out for this Rookie of the year points battle.

These eight teams will be in the spotlight at Anderson Motor Speedway and the fans will be lined up on the 20th to catch this exciting final finally. As some has heard and some witnessed the Newport Speedway event that got so crazy that after Gary Blackwell waved the checkered flag it was all over but the crying except for the #27 team of Caldwell Racing and driver Lee Tissot. Tissot and driver Jeff Myers of the #2 truck raced like scalded dogs neck and neck right down to the finish. The other teams fought like true warriors. However, as they say it is just Newport and many teams loaded up what was left of their machines and went back to the shop mad, confused, frustrated, and with that itch to head to Anderson to getter done and show they can and will have a great finishing season.

I will add that with all the excitement and nervous tension that will be felt when the teams unload on Friday Sept 20th at AMS by the end of the night all will deserve to feel like true champions in this series. Why? Because all of the SEST Series folks are, a close-knit racing family and all enjoy the sport of racing. However, racing families can have feuds and this race event may bring out the best fight in all the teams.

Thanks to all the SEST Series FANS, SPONSORS, TEAMS and Race Venues! Wow, what a 2013 season it has been so far.

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